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This is the biggest online database about Alien Abduction. We all know they exsist. Please report to me any experiences you have with Alien Abductions and I will put them in my huge database. If you are under 16 please leave now because this site contains shocking material!

Please fill out these polls and this form or send an E-mail with your experiences to me.
When available include pictures for my alien-gallery. The more information I receive, the better.

Please report to me any stories about Alien Abduction

Alienpicture This is the most common type of alien, it is foul and immoral. I have already received 31 reports of people who have been abducted and abused by this immoral creature. It indulges in human mutilation and it conducts foul DNA-experiments. This immoral creature has a large head with large eyes and a redundant mouth. It has a small body and even smaller legs. It uses foul machines for moving around. It uses UFO's for it's travelling and for abduction of innoncent people. These immoral creatures are highly intelligent and technologically very advanced. There are six foul fingers connected to it's foul hands. It is about one metre high. The creature has no moral sense at all.
Another alienpicture This is a more rare type of alien, it too is foul and immoral. I have 5 reports of human confrontations with this foul creature. The foul alien feeds on the flesh of earth-based lifeforms including the occasional human. It lies on the ground and takes on the colour of it's background. When the prey is spotted it spits poison (glyceraldehydefosfaat dehydrogenasys) to it's innoncent victim. It then crawles towards it and on top of it. It is "eaten" by means of fagocytosis, like amoebes do. Once the prey is inside it is being digested by agressive acids. The foul alien spreads a horrible scent. It has a large number of eyes. The eyes are not much evolved and it can't see very well. The older and bigger the creature becomes, the more eyes it gets. It size varies between 40cm to 400cm(!) The creature is foul in the extreme.
Another alienpicture This alien is not only foul and immoral, it is unholy too. It is not very intelligent, it has eyes nor mouth but it has got a large unholy trunk. The size of this unholy creature varies between 150 and 250cm. The large blob probably contains water. It is not known what the creature is hiding behind his long hair. The creature uses unholy rituals to gain foul knowledge about immoral things. I have a horrible picture of two of these aliens conducting experimental rituals in their fur-coat. Sometimes they combine their trunks and blobs in this unholy proces. Its unholy powers weaken at holy places, or so I have been told...
Another alienpicture This type of alien is foul nor unholy. It is however immoral,illogical and sometimes shows random behaviour. It is reported to me 6 times and it is 50 to 100cm high. Its multiple eyes(7) can see panoramic views and it can probably see multidimensional. The creature has a long neck connected to a small head with seven eyes and no mouth or nose. Its body is round and it has four legs and four arms, each arm ends in a hand with six fingers. One hand however has only five fingers but one is extremely long, this is for maximum illogicality. The potantial victim of its random behaviour gets confused by the fingers and dies slow, painful, illogical and sometimes immoral deaths. The creature picks random victims from a random deathlist. I also have a report of one of them wandering around in semi-random patterns for days. This alien weares clothes most of the time, it likes random clothes with nice pictures and patterns. The alien hates direct sunlight, probably because it has no eyelids. It can only be spotted on warm summer-nights. The creature is immorally random.

Please send me mail with your experiences.
We need to share our experiences and learn about those foul and immoral aliens.
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